About Jinshi
Sinopharm Shantou Jinshi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a reputable pharmaceutiacal manufacturer from China.

The factory is located in the city of Shantou, which is one of the most wellknown cities within China as well as being a special economic zone. Shantou is also one of the best cities for environmental health as well as for tourism in China. Many infrastructures in Shantou are already in place such as an international airport, an international port, train station as well as many highways connecting to many other major cities, making transportation to our fatcory very convenient.

Sinopharm Shantou Jinshi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has a history of more than 50 years. In the early days, we produce mainly chemical products as well as pharmaceutical raw material. In the 80's, we began to research and produce pharmaceutical finished dosage products.

At present, we have developed into a modern, integrated and multi-prodution factory producing chemical raw material, sterile Cephalosporin antibiotic raw meterial,solid oral dosage form (including tablets, capsules, granules), powder injectables and oral liquid dosage forms (including liquid traditional Chinese medicines).

We are also in the top 20 pharmaceutical factories within Guangdong Province for our technological advancement and pharmaceutical production capabilities. We possess 140 production licenses. We also hold the majority shares in the following companies: Shantou Jinshi Powdered injections Co. Ltd, Shantou Jinshi Antibiotics Co. Ltd, Shantou Special Economic Zone Pharmaceutical and Chemical Factory and Zhushan Pharmaceutical Packaging Material Factory etc. In 2002, the value of production had reached RMB450million, with sales of more than RMB200million. The pharmaceutical raw material products have been sold to Europe, the United States, and South-East Asia as well as many parts within China.The preparations are being sold throuthout the whole of China with the exception of the Taiwan province. The Jinshi trademark is also considered a reputable brand in the Guangdong Province.

JINSHI business began in 1956, which coincides with the start of Chinese socialism. Looking back, the hard pioneering work in the first 25 years has shaped the style of JINSHI. When China initially adopted the reform and open-door policy, our company has progressively transformed from a chemical industry to a pharmaceutical industry. During this transformation, the trade mark JINSHI was born with the first export of bulk drugs. After 30 years, many Chinese people came to know the brand JINSHI as the result of our successful development of oral cephalosporin preparations in China. In late 1992 when the market economic system was initially introduced in China, the Pharmaceutical Chemicals Factory was renamed JINSHI General Pharmaceutical Factory.At the turn of the century, JINSHI has caught the attention of society. Through continuous reforms, it has succeeded in upgrading and has won a total of five national GMP certificates. Now JINSHI has become a well-known pharmaceutical manufacturer in east Guangdong for its considerable scale and high-tech production.